Friday, January 26, 2007

A Letter to the Voters of Minnesota's Sixth District

To the 151,248 people who voted for Michele Bachmann,

You are everything that is wrong with this country. You are supporting a giant, giant leap backwards. You voted for someone who thinks that God talked to her. That makes her psychotic, schizophrenic, or both.

You are going to be responsible for our district being the laughingstock of intelligent, freethinking people of the world, let alone the country.

Many of us are trying to make the country better. We are supporting the positive progression of humanity. We are working toward a better future.

You, meanwhile, are trying to bring us back to the dark days of people doing what the voices in their head are telling them to do. You obviously do not have the mental capacity, or even the common sense to realize that, by voting for Michele Bachmann, you have broken a rib of America.

You voted for a tax attorney who doesn't understand tax laws, a born-again Christian fundamentalist creationist who doesn't understand the separation of church and state, a discriminating bigot hell-bent on making sure that the government decides whom you can legally love, a lapdog to a lame duck president.

She will stall women's rights, saying that a woman's first job is to be submissive to her husband. She will stall the advancement of science. She will support abstinence-only sex education. She supports leaving the option for nuclear war with Iran on the table. Seriously, nuclear war.

She thinks gay people are telling children to try homosexuality. She thinks that evolution isn't science.

Since joining Congress, she has voted against the implementation of the recommendations of the 9/11 committee and against creating long-term energy alternatives. She's been lampooned on Jay Leno because of her twenty-plus second death grip on Bush at the 2007 State of the Union.

She is a terrible American, and you are terrible Americans for voting for her.

Tim Collins


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